Who's Who in SHADES Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk 2022

Fairy Moonbeam - Tasha Haycraft
Snivelling the Goblin - Carl Harmer
Simon Cowell - Ron Bailey
Jack - Sam James
Dame Trott - James Reed
Silly Billy - Tom James
Wimpy Impy (Jack & Billys cousin) - Jack Reed
Jill - Charlotte Uddin
Mrs Blackberry - Caroline James
Giant Blunderbore - Mark Flynn
Daisy (Front) - Clare Stevens
Daisy (Back) - Sonia Chapman
Mrs Dragon (Head teacher) - Rachel Uddin
Gloria the Harp - Katie Haycraft
Hetty the Hen - Esme Reed
Passport Control Officer - Ron Bailey
Villagers - Caroline James, Esme Reed

 Well done to everyone!

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