Rehearsal Schedule

Shamley Green Amateur Dramatic and Entertainment Society

Rehearsal Schedule for Jack and the Beanstalk 2021 -2022
Read Through                  Thursday 4th November 2021               7.30pm
Rehearsal                         Thursday 11th November 2021             7.30pm
Rehearsal                         Thursday 18th November 2021              7.30pm
Rehearsal                         Thursday 25th November 2021              7.30pm
Rehearsal                         Thursday 2nd December 2021               7.30pm

Rehearsal                         Wednesday 5th January 2022                7.30pm
Rehearsal                         Thursday 6th January 2022                    7.30pm
Rehearsal                         Wednesday 12th January 2022              7.30pm
Rehearsal                         Thursday 13th January 2022                  7.30pm                 
Rehearsal                         Monday 17th January 2022                    7.30pm
Rehearsal                         Wednesday 19th January 2022              7.30pm
Rehearsal                         Thursday 20th January 2022                  7.30pm

Please make sure you are at all rehearsals promptly to start at 7.30pm.
There may be some rehearsals that start earlier depending on Singing and Dancing.
Scenery Weekend Saturday 22nd& Sunday 23rd January 2022
Panto Week
Technical & Dress Rehearsals
Monday 24th, Tuesday 25th & Wednesday 26th January 2022
Performances - Thursday 27th, Friday 28th & Two Shows on Saturday 29th January 2022
Clear up Sunday 30th January 2022

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